A bond to be formed,

a bond to be broken.

As you begin to grown

and more words are spoken.


As you see,

that time goes by.

Soon your life flashes,

before your eyes.


You're 14 then 16,

now school has passed.

It's sad to say, but

it's going too fast.


As time goes by, 

you become more wise.

You watch your children,

take their first tries.


They'll follow your footsteps

and fly through school.

They'll follow your lessons

and still use your rules.


You can't quite believe it,

when you look in the mirrow.

It just passed by;

another year.


Another year,

another chapter,

one that's filled with

cheerful laughter.


But just as time goes,

you do, too.

Your body leaves you

little clues.


Your hair turns gray,

you become so shaky,

it only makes you become 

more achy.


You remember the days,

with sun-filled skies,

and stars that danced

before your eyes.


You follow the times,

laugh at the memories,

wishing one last thing,

"Remember me."


The rain will fall

and so will the tears,

as they listen to tales,

of all those years.


The good times are told,

the bad forgotten,

each piece told,

a lesson is taught in.


they stay there and wait,

saying goodbye,

wiping their swollen,

teary eyes.


Enjoy what you have;

It' pass for you.

Time flies by,

you'll blow on through.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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