Time is valuable 

It is not malleable

I cannot change it 

But use it like money, I can only spend it


I took the time to discover

And the rumors I had to uncover

Quickly, I wanted to spend all of my time only with you

My own personal bank that I would deposit every day into

Thinking it would be a well-worth investment 

Giving me the best treatment 


Blinded by the promises you bank had offered me

I was too ignorant with bliss to see

I was becoming poor

And you wanted me no more


My time was no longer of value 

And most investors came to you

I, now the poorest one

Had felt like I wasted my time, thinking I was having fun

In reality, you were bored with your time 

And you wanted to use mine 

Because you too were poor 

And needed to gain to feel something more 


A numbness drowned in alcohol and other substances 

Who would want to spend their time like this?

A life so lonely 

"Me, Myself, and I" only

Hungry for time 

So you went and wasted mine


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