I never knew

 how fast time

could fly.

And as the clock is clicking by,

I’m wondering why,

It has to be this way.


Whatever happened to the day

When you and I could stick our feet in the sand?

Baby hand in poppa’s hand;

Watching slippery twilight


 Into sunrise.

Counting the seconds without the clock-

But with our eyes.

Measuring minutes

With what was in it.


Our chuckles and smirks what made us.

Our happiness a disease-


And joy hiding in every smile,

Now that’s what made the day worthwhile.



And I don’t get it.

How could we forget it?

And let ourselves be urbanized:

let our love be chocked

With due dates, And deadlines-

Let our love be killed

 by time.


For our bliss,

 five minutes only?


A time limit to hold me?

Seven days the limit,

to know me-

But I thought

 we had eternity.

For our father-daughter



My legs on your lap as you begun

To tell me-

I was your number one.

But time-

 it flew.

Before you even knew.


You’re still chasing around the past.

But will you at last

Stop with sugary promises

And just give me something



 Not fleeting,

 not fake,

 not circumstantial.


Give me your time,

Remember me.

Your number one?

 your only?


Wake up.

Wake up!

And see me

For who I am today.

Not who I will be tomorrow,

Or who I was yesterday.


Hold my hand.

Let’s stick our feet in the sand.

So you can memorize

The lines

In my eyes

-Don’t forget them!

Don’t count the seconds,

Don’t regret them!

Shake off this cloak that time has given us;

let us cherish this moment- let it be continuous.

Cus I don’t want us

To fade into memory,

into fantasy,

but I want this to be our reality,

our eternity,

cus seconds aren’t enough for me-


I want to rest my head on your -


 to make sure its beating,

Cus this moment is fleeting,

And the bitter slap of time greeting,

Shortening our every meeting,


 our hands apart.




Each beat,

of our hearts.


Cus’ the clock keeps on ticking,

Ticking, ticking,

And it’s us

 we’re missing.


Seven days the limit,

just a gimmick only.

For we only know the meaning of eternity.


Cus when you sit under the sky

Counting every star-

Arms and legs getting to know who we are.

Creating music-

 with words.



 with silence.


With the wind and the breeze,

That’s all the clock

my heart needs.


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