Time is a beautiful enemy,

a two faced friend.


a destroyer.

A lover,

but a fighter.

Time is on our side.

they say,

" You have time to do this, you have time to do that!"

Time is against us, they say.

" You're running out of time to do this, you're running out of time to do that."

But wait...


I thought you were with me?

I thought if I cherished your presence,

you would help me?

I thought when time flies,

it is because you're loving time?

Maybe time is a jealous friend,

that notices you have focused on something other then it...

I believed if I did not worry about the future us,

you would love me?

Instead, you drag me through bottles of broken glass,

cutting my flesh, and reopening the scars I have.

Grinning at the crooked smile my soul displays,

while I weep at the image of a memory due to you.

Time has healed me,

But time has destroyed me...

I thought you were my friend?

But now I know,

Time has no friends.


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