Till He's Out Of The Country.

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 08:06 -- Wired6

My husband is right--he says I shouldn't indulge in the scene.

Its for serious individuals, continued he,unlike me,a guy who 

doesn't know the rudimentaries of constructing creatively,and

that my work will never see my name in bright,worn out,seen

that,done that,lights.


Fundamentally, I agree,I totally agree,with the sweet words

of my my significant worldly other!

So why then,am I fueled by my passion,2 write. Albeit,self-indulgent



My husband,my guy.Bombards me day and night,with

constructed words like;"you'll never make a living,by creating

poems,cos what you class as poetry,doesn't stir me,or others,

emotionally,and lacking complexity."

Again,I agree with my husband,who would never lie 2 me.

Hes right.


So tonight will be the last time I put pen 2 paper.

Fingers 2 keyboards of computer. My tablet I'll ignore.

(Well,not quite.I'll write when he's out of the country-- that'll

be tonight!).


©Wired6. 16/11/2021


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