Till death do us part


Faulks road
Omenazu Nigeria


Yesterday, was just like our wedding vow
Exchanged under the supervision of God and the priest
Today, death has come to steal my peace
We were termed inseparable but right now, death's sting is in revocable

My sunshine!
I wonder how life taste like without you
The love of my life
You are permitted to die in my very arm
I will miss you, but not for so long, because I'm one step behind you
I will miss your very smile
I will miss your tender touch
I will miss praising your rare beauty very early, every morning

Mon amie
Which ever place we might be
You are still mine!
Whether death causes separation or not you are still mine!
We can never tell
In heaven or in hell
you are still mine!

Oh death!
Let me make it plain
I wish you were a man
To have taste of what you feel like
I'll never take my words back!
I'll be glad,
If you know, you are a total bunch of wickedness, pain, and total mischief

With my last breath
I write this, inconsiderate of the length
Impatient death
Unannounced visitor
Has stolen my morning away.

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Our world


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