Till Death Do Us Part

Till DEATH Do Us Part.
Days go by, night chills the air
At times it is impossible for me to bare….
Loneliness creeps, darkness clouds my brain,
If only you could see within me, then maybe you could feel my pain…..
Till death due us part….
Pain, actions, signs why couldn’t I see, eyes wide open, lies, games is what made me free……
Free from you, free from me, free from the sadness that only I could see,
Heart aching, screaming, pounding, ripping in two, if only I noticed that signal that clue….
Thoughts of thoughts, thoughts of me, thoughts of you, thoughts of what was in my heart, be as one till death due us part……
twisted, tangled memories head hung is why I’m so blue
remember how many times I told you I got you……
Till death due us part……
Part your fault, part mine, time keeps spinning light then back to dark, maybe you will remember me maybe you wont, but rest assure I left you my mark…….
Till death due us part
It’s time to start that journey new chapter in life, life free from your cheating, lies and disrespect….
But it is what it is after its all said and done, remember it wasn’t I who wanted this,
So who really WON!
(scream) Till Death Due us Part………………….

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