Tiger Stripes


I sit here and watch you grow...
My little angel very strong you go.

Kicking the insides of mommy...
Making me feel that vivid butterfly...
Hmmm maybe a bit more like a tsunami.
So excited for your arrival right before the summertime.

Much love is to come...
But also the tiger stripes arrive.
Sucking your little thumb.
They are living proof I carried you for 9 months alive!

Never will they go away...
Proud to have carried you...
Marking your 40 week stay.
A better life for you,ill pursue.

Tiger stripes.
A few or more depending on the body types.

Signifying respect and admiration.
The hardest ,yet amazing, part of a women's life: Gestation.

At only 18, tiger stripes i love you.

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