Tides That bind with you

Tue, 06/25/2013 - 14:33 -- TENN44


The baby seems to want to be here

Baby, you like the way your predicatment has caused your downfall

Baby will pick you up

When he calls you your name that you have substituted to subdue your inner tree of steming families


Or is it the laughter that struck your chords like heart strings in love

Or both

Your babies and babies can't match

He can't call you a person, he can't call you a woman, he can't call you when the time is needed

Only baby

Baby, please listen to the uproarous, flasked, masked mass that lays in your palms

That pslam you didn't obey

But at the moment, the grinding moment of anticiaption that he can only call you


He can only say what you made him, what he made a figment of distorted imagination because all he sees is you

His baby

Blinded by the felling, the touching it's healing your invisible scars

You don't listen to your voice

Only his

And all he can call you when the outcome has come out

Is baby

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