Tick Tock

To think on what gives me life

Is a strange yet joyful thing

To think of things most people don't

Changes you from pleb to king


On any other ordinary day

No one delves into their mind

Quite as deep as I am going

To see what they can find


Some of the things that make me tick

Might seem to others quite insane

But no one ever truly knows

What goes on in anothers brain


You want to know what makes me tick?

I honestly don't know

I live for many different things

They cause my heart to grow


I live for the sunsets glow

As it burns away the twilight

I live for the starshines glimmer

As they illuminate the night


I live for making others laugh

I live for the beauty in this ugly place

I live for doing for others

To put a smile on their face


I tick and tock for this rare world

For the unusual in the mundane

I know this might sound weird to you

But hey we can't all be the same


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