A politician would say, “The people and what is right!”

A scientist would say, “The collaboration between all of the organ systems in the body.”

A normal person would say, “Money, my job, my family.”

Every person, through life experience has a different perspective.

No one individual will answer you with the same thing

In my case it is; the examination of the past, planning of the present, and hope for the future.

Learning from history and past experience, helps in being ready the next time

History never repeats itself yet has the tendency to run along similar paths

Taking the time to think and plot out a plan, gives generous fruits worth every second invested

Unfortunately life wouldn’t be itself if everything went as expected.

For that is why I must hope for the best but expect the worst when it comes to the future.

Knowing that, “by myself I came into this world and that by myself I will leave”

Serves as a reminder that who you are in life should make difference

Not only to yourself but all of those around you

Since, the lifestyle one lives determines the last part of that statement

And it is through these steps my friend

That I find What makes me tick.

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