Tick Tock


Tick tock tick tock,

the hands of the clock go by,

marking down the minutes,

the hours,

the seconds,

I want to scream,

to run away,

but its still there,

tick tock,

mocking me with its tones,

tick tock,

I can't take it any more,

others stare blankly at the clock face,

not able to read it,

only knowing the time from red numbers on their wrists,

tick tock,

they are waiting simply for the end of school,

but i'm waiting for something else,

I'm waiting to be free,

to breath,

to hold his hand and smile,

I'm not happy in this cage,

this cage of brick and fresh paint,

tick tock,

more seconds go by,

tick tock,

I can't wait anymore,

tick tock,




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