The Tick In Me

As I tick tock like the click of a clock, I know I would hear and feel this familiar knock.

The knock of my true love banging at my heart keeps reminding me that nothing shall tear us apart. 

His personality pumps me up and then I get this feeling in the pit of  my gut. 

What is this that I feel? Something I always describe as the feeling of being unreal.

When I hear that tick in my mind, I know that is my guy because he's one of a kind.

He always pushses me to do my very best and then that exact tick turns me into a mess.

A good mess though, you know, like silly because he's great!

I know that tick anywhere because it's the tick of my soulmate!

He completes me in every way possible and then I blossom into a beautiful flower that he picks up and admire for hours.

Hours of compassion, love, trust, honesty, and bliss. These hours of time reminds me of our first kiss.

The feeling of this tick to his dick the way it fits is so perfect and then we make love until I feel like I've had enough and he deserved it.

He's my world, my heart, my soul that he somehow mold and now he's stuck with me forever . . . that's until we're old. 


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