Through the Mist


Waking up to the same ringing,

Going to the same place,

Five days a week,

Ten months, learning and forgetting.


Distractions and butterlies,

Taking chances, locking eyes,

Never knowing but always trying,

Attractions, and then goodbyes.


Worth the wait,

Love and hate,

Scream and fight,

Wrong or right.


Depessing heartbreaks,

Drama with friends,

Stressed with school,

Fights with parents.


Nose in book,

Eyes slowly closing,

Ears full of music,

Thoughts drifting away.


Realization of life,

Opportunities others don't have,

In this wonderful paradise,

Being the best that you can.


Hear your dream,

Achieve your goal,

Follow your heart,

And accomplish more.


Someone's always there,

To support and understand,

At your craziest moments,

Seeing you at your saddest.


From this day on,

Smile don't frown,

Cry out of happiness,

Keep moving on.


We've learned from the past,

We're living in the present,

We look forward to our future,

And we're thankful for each other.


Don't give up,

Run instead of walk,

Continue on, and

Be who you are.




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