Through eyes

What is "I" and What is "me"?

Is it to defy or to be truly free?

Those who view cannot possibly see

The truth that gives one the key


The key to judge accurately and the lock that is a facade

They view me and see beauty but when i disagree they believe me odd.

It's not to acknowledge who i am or what i'm not

But they don't see me for who i am, it ends up being for naught.


From their perception comes one a strange thought

To convey ideas for their plot:


"That i am a man boundless with strength

Full of vigor and morale"

That is true to a legnth

If the letter C be a vowel...


I am strong. I am wise. I am smart. I love learning

But what i agree with isn't their thoughts, i am no man in shining armor

I have limits and my blood doesn't always clot

Hearing praises has my stomach turning


Thine wish is to be seen and seen as modest

Henceforth why the praise may waver some souls from me

So i endeavor to meet and greet earnestly

And not try to be the oddest


But the best "Me"...

Without all to see


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