Through the Darkness


Fear burns hot as we acknowledge the other, he and I.

Never in my wildest dreams would I fathom such a demon sitting before my very eye,

But that's where such things begin.


Only moments ago, things were normal, relatively mundane.

Who was to know that I was to meet the manifestation of all that is insane,

And that of sin?


Soon lights begin to flicker, the entire circuitry of this building shot.

I may be home, but safe and sound I am not

In this house I am in.


There is an eerie sense of danger, yet not one of chill.

I know it is here, and my chest begins to fill

With a fire burning within.


I see it now, no mistake.

My curiosity begins to take

Me toward my chaotic kin.


Deformed face with no noticeable feature;

Never before had I seen such a grotesque creature.

Where it is found is where it has been.


Through the darkness, all secrets are revealed.

In the darkest crevices, this is where all not known is sealed,

For this is where such things begin.


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