The Throbbing Prayer

Sun, 10/27/2013 - 17:29 -- azain14


Invoke in us the Power of Love!

Time! The precious essence flows,

As a river drying in the drought,


Who knows?

What is birth,

Which is death,

Shall I go tomorrow or today?


We fall like rain,

And rise like suns,


Invoke in us the Light of Peace,

Drifting free from

Leaf to shining leaf!

A sea of glittering fall,


We coalesce into fire, 

As we fell from one another,

Into a thousand sun-songs lit up in desire,

Red, red, green, and gold, 

Despite the darkness of cloud,


Invoke in us that holy flame! 

That makes leaves stars and purifies shame, 

That throbbing drive that carries, 

Our worn vessels into the 


Eternal sigh,


As lovers, let us meet our desitny,

To live and die in the embrace of Love,

To cry with the Power of Peace.  




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