My love, have you finally found?

That my steps don't even touch the ground?

My head's always wrapped in fog,

And I'm caught singing to the dog?

It's all because you thrill me.


I chase you around with a crazy hunger,

And in some way feel decades  younger,

I sleep smiling big, ear to ear,

My stories are all bouncing with cheer,

Yes, my dear, you thrill me.


You always seem to have on hand,

A seamless, perfect, fail proof plan,

To launch me past the fat, full moon,

While keeping us in perfect tune,

With just one look, you thrill me.


Just when I regroup my head,

You throw me up onto our bed,

Each move you make so spot on right,

I'm higher than the highest kite,

I'm thrilled, simply thrilled.


I try, oh God you know I do,

To realize that you're mortal too,

But there is simply no disguise,

When you seduce me with those sexy eyes,

You are not from this earth. Not you.


What is this magic that you wield?

No need for any sword or shield,

Your lightning rod and bionic tongue,

Have got me completely good and spun,

Just flat thrilled.  Yeah thrilled.


It's not just that hard, delicious bod,

It's not your attitude or your cocky nod,

It's you knowing you've got me wrapped,

I'm helpless, my powers completely zapped,

But mostly I'm just flat out thrilled.


It's not just the magic rod and tongue,

It's the intelligent challenge, all the fun,

Of tangling with my male counterpart,

Being wrapped up in your loving heart,

That always seems to thrills me.


What must it be like to really know,

That someone you love adores you so,

That just your energy in my space,

Is enough to light up my whole face.

Plain thrilled.


Your essence is such pure, straight dope,

You charge me up, you give me hope,

Each day I wake up wrapped in you,

Is enough to ensure I'll soar on through,

Because my love, I'm thrilled with you.


Someday when you snarly expire,

And there comes an end to all your fire,

My world will stop spinning and stand still,

And I'll scream out for my ultimate thrill,

For nothing does it for me like you.


On your headstone it will say,

For all to read as plain as day,

The message that for sure must be,

Written down for all to see, simply,

"He thrilled me!"

Copyright 2015 by Elisa Fortise Christensen

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My family
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