Three Words


Words that never escape your lips

The cheeks you’ll never kiss

The fantasy of bliss

You’ll never see

The broken part of me

 The part that held my love and trust

All because you had lust?

How is it fair

For you not to care

When I was the first

I feel cursed

From day one I was your responsibility

All you have is insensibility

When I was first born, where were you?

Oh that’s right just chilling with your crew

Saying I wasn’t yours when my uncle told you the news

And oh that I didn’t look like you too

The father you are but were not

The pain you gave me hurt a lot

But do you care?

No you’re just scared

To love or to put just a little emotion there

My life due to you feels like a nightmare

But I get through it everyday

My mom helps me a lot not a little

My step father is the father you were not even a little

My boyfriend he is the best man you will never be

He loves me for me and not just what you want to see

You are a liar and a coward

Do you feel so empowered?

To break me down to nothing

And still say that you love me or something

You made me feel like some misfit

And you still don’t care one bit

When your actions and heart won’t connect

Your feelings and the truth is what needs to recollect

Or will you just keep running

Leaving and Returning...Again and Again...with me left loving and trusting

But I know you’ll never change

And that’s what causes me so much crushing pain

Except I still love you

But don’t lie to me and say you love me too

I would much rather you tell me the truth

Instead of all these years murdering and stealing my youth

The father you are but a daddy you will never be

The three words that I know will never ever escape your lips…

I am sorry…



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