Three Ring Tricks

Kind eyes, steady soul


Chiseled chin and fleeting glances,

sneeking a peek at the way things could be

if the fox didn't bite the hand that opened the trap


I've got to go 


The temperature's rising

Now we're getting too close again

And again, and again, and again


Long nights, deep talk

Stolen moments 

With reckless abandon I jump and talk, touch,

be with you

But is it trust or



Could it be it's not in my head?

It's not


Heavy breathing, whispered promises

Will the glass hold or crack over the surface

Or shatter and end the dream



Reality stands

Dream fades

"I love you" stays

"I want you" pays prices near and far

Pain is subpar


when "I love you" means forever,

Not now, internal showers

but when giving, even unrequited

Both of us are




This poem is about: 
Our world


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