Three Long Years

You ruined my life for three long years

You may not know it

I left you behind

Before the pain began to show


All you had to do

Was not talk to me

But you talked to me

You became my best friend

But it only lasted a week

Without a goodbye

You began to bully me

Just like the others did


But you weren't alone

You weren't the only one

Who befriended me

And abandonned me


Two years I was tortured

I was nine

Nine years old

Was when my torture began

And I was eleven

When I left


Off to Maryland

A new start

And I hated it

As much as I was bullied

I wished that I was back home

But I was glad

That the bullying would stop


The damage was done

You forgot me

I never forgot you

You ruined my life

Because of you

I had to protect myself

I had to build shields

I had to change my identity

I had to put on a mask


I pretended to be a different person

I lied for three long years

I met my best friend

On the first day that I lied

When I finally began to be myself

My best friend didn't recognise me


Three long years...

You took three years of my life away

I became a monster

I hated myself and my life

You did this to me

You will never see this

You will never understand my pain

You will never know what you did


You bullied me

You ruined my life

You took away three years of my life

Three long years

That I will never get back

Because you talked to me

You started a chain of events

That brought me to my knees

Because the bullying never stopped

Even though I wore a mask

Even though I had shields and walls

It hurt so much


But let me tell you a secret

Because of you

Because you ruined my life

Because it is your fault

That I lost three long years of my life

Because of you

My life has become so much better

You ruined my life

And like iron in a fire

I was reborn as steel

I am stronger because of you

You destroyed my life

But sometimes nature has to burn

If it wants to flourish


Thank you

For talking to me

Thank you

For ruining my life

Thank you

For allowing me to become the person

That I was destined to become


You bullied me

You wanted to hurt me

And you succeeded

You will continue to bully others

I just know you will


But I will warn you now

Even though you will never hear my warning

Be careful when you destroy someone

Because they will become stronger

And they won't destroy you

They won't even try

You will destroy yourself

Because by hurting someone else

You hurt yourself

They will heal

You will not

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