Three Little Land Renters

The story goes as we all know it well, three pigs are attacked one by one from a evil wolf until they are finally safe in the last pig' brick house. What wasn't shared however is why the wolf attacks. What if I told you the wolf is actually just their landlord? Well lets take the story from the beginning. You see the wolf was a well accomplished man himself. He was a great buisiness man and even owned more land than he could ever want. Enter the Three Little Pigs, or at least what others know them as. See these rascals known as Stu, Oliver, and William were a dangerous bunch and always caused havoc. Mr. Maverick or The Big Bad Wolf from the story had an idea one day. He promised them that if he provided them land to live they would promise to stay out of trouble. This plan interested them and had worked for awhile, until they started causing trouble in town again. One day Mr. Maverick heard about their trouble and decided to pay them a visit. First was Stu. He addressed him to let him in his house to which Stu replied with, "Not by the hair of my Chinny Chin Chin," which in their culture was a great insult to anyone it was said to. Mr. Maverick had started getting mad threatening to blow Stu's house down, meaning he would kick him off the land and tear it down, not just blow it away. However, while Mr. Maverick had continued screaming and becoming more angry the wind picked up stronger outside. Stu wasn't the smartest of his bunch and had made his house of straw, which when the wind came through had completely destroyed his house. Stu ran to Oliver's house a bit down the road from his house with Mr. Maverick in persuit. Mr. Maverick had the same endevour with Oliver at his stick house:insult Mr. Maverick, Mr. Maverick says he will blow his house down, strong wind comes through. Now they were both off to the smartest of the three, William. William had constructed his house with bricks like a normal person. He felt bad for his brothers as they weren't really the smartest of their family. They barely got passed high school. Mr. Maverick eventually catches up. He goes through the speal with William and ends up asking him why they broke their promise. William tells him that they are rooted in trouble and chaos, and that no matter what he can't take that away from them. Mr. Maverick storms off angry and the three pigs remain safe. However, along with this story not being told in full, no one knew that the true ending was Mr. Maverick getting his land back and getting the pigs kicked out of the town.

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