Three Brothers

Some people are destined for greatness

Some for dirt

Some people are lead to happiness

Some left to hurt 


This is just the way things are 

The way things are lead to be

Try to travel near and far

And you’ll see


But enough of that, enough of vague prelude

Let’s get to the story, while you’re still nice and subdued


This is an echo of a story we’ve all heard before

One of three fated brothers, that’s right, not four


One destined for thundering strength,

A king in his own right


One destined for deep honors,

And although second, can still put up a fight


And the last to be left behind,

Always set out, try as he might


Three brothers, destined for a single fate

Three brothers, who on their first day of highschool were late


The eldest of the three, with bright golden hair,

Was accepted by the jocks, the rulers of school

He quickly found his place, though to be fair

It was as it was meant to be, no one was a fool


The second brother, with his eyes of deep blue

Also quickly found his way through the school

He fit in with the Preps, and to them he stuck like glue

For even if they were second, they did still rule


Now the third brother, pale in complexion

Had a harder time fitting in with those around

He was not like his brothers, he had imperfections

And cause of those, he was solitude bound


And this is the fate of three brothers

Two who would spend their time in the sun while the third suffered


After all, try as you might,

You can’t fight destiny

You can’t hierarchy



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