A Thousands Words


Beautiful. Remarkable. Stunning. Amazing. Heaven like. Perfect.

Just a few words that come to mind when I see her picture.

Her smile is contagious,

the way she makes me blush is outrageous.

I know, I know she’s ambitious

and by the look of her I know she taste delicious.

She’s a woman with a future and restrictions

but I only use the elevator with her permission.

Her teeth, pearly white.

Her lips, I want to bite

but I rather suck her ex’s name out of her bottom lip

so it will never come up in our conversation again.

Dark brown, her eyes that sparkle in the night and

have this tendency to make me feel like I’m looking at love for the first time. Her eyelashes are like the strings of a guitar

and the moment she blinks it plays beautiful music

that makes me want to sing her a song even though I can’t sing at all.

Her hair, long and smooth

but when her hair gets wet, it tends to get curly

but a trip to the salon would make it perfect slowly but surely.

Her dimples, oh how I love her dimples.

I wish she smiled all the time just so I can see them.

Her skin, caramel. It feels so smooth.

A skin I would want to place my lips on over and over.

There is more to this woman that meets the eyes.

She’s hiding behind her smile,

so she can show the world that things seem great.

Her eyelashes play the music of innocence

to show the world that nothing is wrong with her.

The sparkle in her eyes shows the reflection of the hand raised to her face every night she has been beaten.

Her hair represents the length of bullshit she put up with.

Her dimples represent two mistakes

that she made that she can never take back.

Her skin represents that scars of her past,

smooth on the surface but with the right touch up she can seem flawless. One picture can equal a thousand words.

A thousand words can describe her. 


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