A Thousand Words

Inspired by a picture


I have an old and faded photograph of a beautiful, young bride on her wedding day.

She was my bride many years ago, so I will write a composition about this photograph.


Although a thousand words are not enough to express all the feelings of my heart,

This picture of my darling ex-wife, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words.

I say this despite my inability to estimate the amount of words that her picture is worth.

Perhaps I will have to write more than a thousand words about it in a composition.

It may not require so many words to describe the visual aspects of the picture,

But I will need countless words to convey the emotional effects that it has on me.


This picture brought back happy memories when I found it in a box in the attic.

It also reminded me of the sad moments that Sash and I occasionally experienced.

Sadly, we did not learn to take the bad with the good, and so we had to split up.

Every time I look at this lovely picture, I begin to think about the woman that I lost.

The things that happened and the things that did not happen come to mind.

How I wish I could go back to the wonderful day that she took this photograph.


I along with many other people say that a picture is worth a thousand words,

But that phrasing does not appear to be a realistic thing, it is just a popular saying.

Has anybody ever actually written a thousand words about a single picture?

This old and dusty photograph of Sash puts many words in my thoughts tonight.

And I am going to write all the things that I am thinking about at the moment.

I will count the words just to see whether I can write a thousand words or not.


A professional photographer took this picture of Sash on the day of our wedding.

The photograph was taken indoors and it does not have a scenic background.

All I see in the background is a plain wall and a drape that hangs in front of a window,

But the beautiful image that I see in the foreground will always be in my memory.

I proposed to Sash when she was twenty-five years old and she accepted my proposal.

The day that we pledged to love and cherish each other was the best day of my life.


Sash is wearing a bridal gown with white lace and she appears to be posing for an artist.

She has silver earrings in her ears and a fetching hairstyle with silvery hair jewellery.

I keep gazing at her pleasant countenance because she is such a photogenic woman.

Her pretty eyes are like the eyes of an angelic being and she has the most sensual lips.

I am sure the woman in the well-known, Italian painting is not as beautiful as she is.

This photograph is more valuable to me than an expensive masterpiece in an art gallery.


“A picture is worth a thousand words,” I have heard people say this many times.

Frankly, it puzzles me as to whether anybody should take this phrase literally or not.

To speak or write a thousand words about one picture is easier said than done.

I could write many other things about this evocative picture in my composition,

But I have no desire to reveal personal and private information to the readers.

Moreover, I will not write unnecessary things just to add more words to my story.


Sash is holding the drape with her left hand and she is looking out the window.

The golden wedding ring on her finger does not show because the drape is covering it.

She is not wearing much makeup; she does not need anything to prettify herself.

A closer look at the photograph reveals just pink lipstick and purplish eye shadow.

This charming face is her real appearance; I am looking at her natural beauty.

She was my pulchritudinous, young bride and I was her handsome, young bridegroom.


I stored this picture somewhere for many years and I could not recall where I placed it.

When I look at the subject, the emotional pain outweighs the happiness in my heart.

I see the shapely figure that I used to embrace and the soft lips that I used to kiss.

Although I did not want Sash and I to separate, I could not stop her from leaving.

There is no question about my undying love for Sash; I will always be in love with her.

Judging from my sad tone of voice, anyone could easily tell that I miss her very much.


This 4x6 photograph was printed in portrait mode on high-quality Kodak photo paper.

I am going to scan it and save a JPEG image on my laptop computer for future use.

Now that I have found the picture of my ex-wife, I do not want to misplace it again.

It is my favourite photo, so I will enlarge and frame it and hang it on the bedroom wall.

Every night I will look at Sash’s picture and think about her before I go to sleep.

Although this will cause me emotional pain, I hope that I will see her in my dreams.


I disagree with the phrase because I think a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

It is difficult to write long verses about a picture that does not have many objects in it.

I am a man of few words and I am not an author, so I do not know if I can do much writing,

But I have taken on the challenge to write one thousand words about this photograph.

This story is not a fantasy or an imagination; it is my recollection of the love that I lost.

I am eager to tell others why this picture of a young bride is worth a thousand words to me.


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