Thoughts that turned into Verses

Made many bad chocies,

all caused by listening to other voices,

but i'm not going to make an excuse,

because I did nothing to fix it but use and abuse,

I was in a dark place,

and I couldn't spot the light,

it was like I couldn't find a place,

where everything just seemed to shine bright,

but then I realized,

that there was no such place,

unless I was writing or reminiscing about my past trace,

and tying them down like I do with my shoe lace,

but to keep them in place,

I needed a lace lock,

but instead I grip my sole (soul) til my grip locks.


Got nothing left except for these words I say in my verses,

flowing through these lines, like i'm speaking in cursive,

all fancy when im spittin' my community service,

cleaning up my act to get my head above the surface,

so I don't have to wonder,

if my creativity will be buried under,

or if people will notice me and increase my varied viewed numbers.




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