The Thoughts Of A Suicidal Teen

I'm here in this unforgiven world,

but don't know which way to turn.

A child strode a lovely path,

she saw no hope or prayer,

and all around her shoulders fell a mass of fiery hair.

The hand of time did come to stop

she felt she would be free,

if only she had seen the light

seen what we could see.

Talents had been long remembered,

but she could have been much more.

Thoughts too dark to mention,

obscured all to be lived for.

But there it is.

So now I'm sat pondering as my dreams are left on the shelf,

Why on earth was I being so freaking hard on myself?

Tears flow down my cheeks as

I'm sitting in the bathtub

feeling worthless and weak.

I dig my nails into my skin thinking to myself,

all of the things i did back then.

Why does it seem like no one cares?

Sink into the ground, since it only seems fair.

Yes I was once happy,

Yes I was very afraid,

But I was throwing away so much time

that could never be replayed.

What happened?

I lower my head and ask,

Why me?

Not knowing what my next step in life could be.

So now as I sit here waiting,

waiting to see what's real,

I am confused and anxiuos to see

what my life may reveal.





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Really good poem. I like how you talk about how you used to be and then how you are know. Good emotion and expression of your feelings. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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