"Thoughts From a Porcelain Doll"

Oh, hello, you're the new owner?

Well, Honey, here's the thing: I own myself, got it?

I'm not your bird, and I won't sing.


Oh, you think I'm pretty?

Well, Baby, join the club.

I've heard enough talk in my day

So take a hike, Bub.


Whoa, stop right there, Mister;

You do NOT understand.

You don't even know me!

Put back your outstretched hand.


Back up, and take that magnifying glass

Out of my face;

Think you'll see the real me?

Give up: that's not the case.


Your arms seem so trusting,

But I've seen it all before.

Think you can save me?

Turn around: there's the door.


No, I don't need a tissue:

My eyes are merely glistening from the light;

This lighting is a nuisance,

Can't you see that it's so bright?


I've lived awhile; I can make it--

No, I don't need your help.

Do you really think your loving smile

Can take the pain I've felt?


Oh, you see my paint is fading?

You've noticed the growing cracks?

Don't you know it's such a task for me

To keep hiding behind these masks?


So, no, I am not perfect,

Yet you don't seem surprised...

What? You've known me my whole life?

You've seen through my disguise?


Nope, I won't give in:

It's too much for me to bear;

What? You want to carry it,

And ask me to cast my cares?


I'm sorry, but it's too late--

You hardly seem convinced--

And though I am still cautious,

Your enduring Love's been bliss.


Now you demand a decision--

It's time for me to take my place;

Should I remain plastic and beautiful,

Or take the makeup from my face?


Declaring you as victor,

I unveil my fake façade--

My porcelain's still a bit cracked,

But you don't find it odd.


You gently take me in Your Arms

And wipe my tears away--

How could I live without you, Lord?

I'm so glad that you stayed.


I thought I'd always be broken,

But you fixed me good as new;

Who would've thought my Maker

Would know just what to do?

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Our world


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