Thoughts in the night

I hope you're happy.. But I also hope you miss me 

Every day I think of what it woulda been, or if it's history Every night I wonder if you're asleep, if you would answer if I calledI used to share these nights with you, but now it's me and these wallsI'm tryna expand, run away from the memoriesI miss all the movies, the conversations, love and intimacy When you were into me, and everything that existed about me mattered Every day I ask myself, when did all of this shatter? Every night I brace myself to ask you all of my questionsThen the a.m hits and I come to my sensesI heard before that if you miss somebody, you put your pride aside Hit them up, let them know, ask if they're feeling alrightBut if you haven't done that for me, do those same rules apply? Or do I sit back and wait for your call to arrive?Do I continue to miss something that's no longer there? I'm wondering if I'm still significant, if you still care Waiting on a call with your voice on the other endSaying "I miss you baby, come back to your best friend" 

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