Thoughts From a Lost Soul


I feel like I’m sinking
Sinking to the bottom of the deepest ocean
Eerily a seemingly artificial light illuminates the water
Candid images surround me
Random memories, fantasies, desires
Every important thought I can remember comes back to me
Troublesome, happy, embarrassing thoughts
Love is all that is missing
Young, I know I am
Foolish, maybe
Emotions will only get you hurt
Attachment will leave you crushed
Resenting the fact that you love someone will eat you from the inside out
Trapped inside my cocoon of distrust there is nothing left to debate about
Happiness is an act
Apologies are lies
Tell me that you love me
I will believe you
At first
Make believe words are something I refuse to accept
Filling my head with these silly thoughts is a waste of time
Intimidation is where I stand
Licentious acts of anger help me hide from the truth
Enclosed by manipulation
Deceitful words of love and praise
Why can’t I be free to feel?
Insightful words of experience is what I want
Those silly fairy tales never taught me a thing
Hatred is all I am open to
Dark words are hard to lie about
Empathy, I do not want
Enlightenment, I think I’ve always sought
Pacify me please!
Standing here I realize what I need
Openness, comfort, attention
Reflection is more than just a ten letter word
Restraint is something we all need to know, but I need to let go of
Offer me salvation from my deepest fear
Wandering away from this habit will not happen
Abolition of this guarded nightmare is all I ask
Never again will I be so afraid to love
Defiant to my emotions, I will never be again
Immeasurable amounts of compassion will radiate from my soul
Negligence will no longer be an option
Evoking my sentiment will happen
Essential keys to productiveness
Daring me to care
Help me
Elude my problem
Love is something we all deserve to feel
Plunge into this new life, I will


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