Thoughts Dancing onto Paper

Wed, 08/17/2016 - 02:29 -- Juice95

My thoughts hold the key;

I've been trapped in a headlock.

I'm yearning to be free, 

it's been hard like some bedrock.


Deep-sea, getting caried away

as far as I can see: dark and blue

and I know they don't care, 

Part of me says "fuck you too".


I shouldn't be like this,

Musn't let the vision fade away,

The only choice is to persevere

for the ones not here today.


My favorite rapper is in prison,

my favorite singer blew his brains.

I have a hope that I'm a genuis,

I have a feeling I'm insane.


I push people away,

then feel down when there's no one around.

There's no hiding from the truth 

or should I leave town?


This poem helped a little,

I'm about to write a million more,

My destiny becomes unlocked 

only when my hands sore.


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