Thoughts and Smiles: Homemade Limericks


We knew a man named Mr. McGee

He was angry at books since he was three

He picked up a chair

And screamed out “My hair!”

All because it was too long to see.


In our house there was an old boggart

He had a home in our closert

We had to shoo him out

But there wasn’t a doubt

That we probably shouldn’t be bothered


In the jungle I had a shrine

All the music and laughter was mine

Though I was alone

My smiles had shone

All because life really is fine

I fell asleep whilst reading

The book for a grade I was needing

I snored in a heap

And without a peep

I failed the test ‘cause of my sleeping

Sister nancy on a magical chair

She was completely suspended in air

Because she was asleep

She made not a peep

So all the bishops yelled “Get down from there!

The wallpaper has come to life!

To arms, ‘tis time to fight!

We must defeat our old walls

To great big applause,

And everything will be quite alright.


I carved my Halloween pumpkin

Then it started to say somethin'

I gasped in pure fright

To this ghoul of the night

“That knife is as good as nothin'!”

Cap’n of the jolly ol' crew

Knew nothing but what to do

In case of a storm

His lantern adorned

A light that got them all through



These limericks were fun to read! It brought back good childhood memories! 

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