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Pain is inevitable.

We hurt.

We cry.

And eventually we die.

It is this vicious cycle that we call life, and through this life we face strife that is bearable, but unbearable all at the same time.

The bear caved for his craving for honey, does that make it unbearable?

This could be just another parable.


You see, the bible talks about pain and if you don’t have pain what can you gain?

Even the farmer’s hands become scarred just for one piece of grain.

He plants his seeds all over the earth. But the ground in which he plants his seeds matter.

The roots.

We all have roots, our history. Some is a mystery, some our brain blocks out to hide the pain.

The seeds can either grow or wither with vain.

Our attitudes can alter our moods.

The same with foods. The fresh fruit from the tree lives to see you and me.

God prunes out the bad, isn't that sad?

What makes a fruit bad?

The bruises on the surface?


Take an apple.

The outside can look voluptuous and scrumptious. Take a bite and you can realize that the look did not reach the height of expectation.

What is wrong with our nation? We cannot let the bruises on the outside define us.

It is the inside of the apple that we indulge in.

Some apples are thin, and some are fat.

But who has the right to define that?


Lables are the issues that that sit infront of us on a desk. We can all attest.

Do the 3 letters of PH and D bring more value than the letters MOM?  

What would sit in front of them?

What would sit in front of you?

Would it be a pew, or a label that would enable others to see your faults.  

We all have bruises. And even, yes, sometimes even the good guy loses.


I am not here to preach to you, I am just attempting to reach you and share with you my thoughts.

I am here to remind you that people cry.

And, eventually, we all die.

It is part of the cycle of life.

Ever growing, ever withering.

With strong roots we can remain,

our bodies may perish,

but our stories are what the world will retain.


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