I look back at my life today as I hit this pipe I hold in front of me.

I realize I have nothing to show for what I have done in the years I’ve been on this earth.

I have not achieved anything of my own.

Nor will I ever.

I am stuck in an endless cycle of mind numbing drugs and people I do not know.

I am trying to numb the thoughts as they come and go as they please.

I need them to stop but they are relentless.

Nothing relaxes me more than this herb I am smoking.

It allows my thoughts to subside.

I get my work done with time to spare.

My mind wouldn’t have let me do this on my own.

I need help whether from a plant or a pill.

People come and people go flowing in and out of my life like a river.

The only ones that stay are the ones that cast their hurtful stones at me in hopes that I fall.

One day I will dry up with nothing left to keep me sane.

No money, drugs, or unknown people.

Once again left alone with my thoughts.


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