Just want to be left alone
For I feel I'm all on my own
Trying to put a smile
But my face fails me

Nothing matters to me anymore
But just myself
Not even aware if I'm still in the world
For my inner self is far from reach

Good days are coming!!
This saying doesn't make sense to me anymore
You will smile at last!!
It doesn't seem possible right now

Staring at the wall seeking for answers
But I'm already in my own dream
Million thoughts on my mind
Thousand questions yet to be answered

Who will I ask?
And ready to share my burden with me
No one!!!
For all is busy with their problems

Why am I different?
My problem seems unsolved,
Guess I'm not of this world
Let me take my humble leave

A voice came to me instantly,
Don't give up yet,
As I look back and wonder
Maybe I still have hope

Sitted helplessly as I reasoned if this was a punishment,
For I haven't done anything wrong to deserve all these,
Never understood that,
Life is only giving me a chance


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