To Those Whom ARE Concerned

To the skeletons in my closet and the demons in my head,


I just need you to that I need to sleep when I go to bed


You come to me in the middle of the darkness of the night


So gradual you’re already upon me before I could put up a fight


My conscious becomes your dance hall, my fears your soundtrack


I hear all this soul draining noise and can’t help but fear attack


Your banging, screaming, and clawing for attention


Has become an absolute horror show, if I still have yet to mention


I furrow my eyebrows and try to block out your protests


But to do so I would have to get these chains off my chest


There was time in my life when you ruled my thoughts


But know your reign is ending, so stop casting your lots


Even your silence is deafening as I sit in waiting


You’ve kept me on my toes so long it’s become frustrating


Even in the bright light of day you still don’t sleep


Extorting me with my insecurities until I’ve become buried deep


I have death grip on your unraveling leashes


Just trying to cup together the fraying pieces


You need to stop your cruel chromatography


To me this isn’t  just some twisted game, a senseless comedy


I’ve tried to keep you inside your cages were I put you


But if you don’t back off soon you’ll be turning black and blue


I’m not the same singled out target I was before


I have allies now who will help me wage a war


So go ahead and hiss as you shrink away from the light


I’m back in control know; this is my story to write


So pack your bags by the shining rays of tonight’s moon


Or retreat back to your once frozen cocoons


Yours truly, you creator


And soon to be destroyer


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