Those Who See Dreams


The world of my mind and the world of my eyes
They become one 
As I step ever onward, becoming a thing
An intangible thing
A thing that causes a tingling
In my soul and the corners of my lips
Gazing forward toward the horizon
Not seeing;
The world of my mind and the world of my eyes
Friends, family, Big Bang Theory
The world of my eyes,
The world of my laugh
Chasing the back of a future yet to come
Watching as, step by step
My dreams are fulfilled some
Writing down the world only I see
Meeting people only I can meet
The world of my mind
The world of my happiness
Warm, caring, and strong
The back of the woman always at my side
Waits for me to catch up with a gaze
Filled with admiration and pride
Beside that back, a pair of strong shoulders
Young, rash, and bold
He too. Is there ahead only seven more years old
Watching me by the turned backs, my guide
Whose eyes I desire filled with pride
They are my dream, my goal
The intangible thing I wish to surpass
They are those who saw their dreams
They are those who grasped hold of their dreams
And I too am one of them 
For I know and see, i don't know, and don't see
The world of my eyes
The world of my mind
The world of my past, present, and future
The world of their and my dreams. 


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