To those who have been bullied or who are bullies

To Those Who Have Been Bullied or Those Who Are Bullies.



You say it was a joke,                                             You either don’t care or

But you just struck home,                                       don’t know what your words

Re-opening an old wound.                                      Have done to them, to

Whatever you let slip                                                        us as a whole. When

Out of your mouth is                                              you reject one, you reject

The truth in your eyes.                                            A vital part of society.


It doesn’t matter what has                                     You made them feel so

Happened to you, for when                                   left out in the cold,

You start bringing someone                                   the dark, that that is

Down, just to bring yourself up,                                      the only thing they know.

You just became what you                                     We are social creatures, we

Feared most in your life.                                                  Want to be accepted.


To see tears run down                                What you have become, by

Their eyes, because you called                              brining another down, a monster

Them freaks, made them feel                      that’s what you became. These

Unwanted. To make them feel                    people have become so scared,

That the only way out                                so dysfunctional, that they turn

Was to end the pain.                                   To self destruction.


You made them feel such                                     All we want, is to

Self-hatred, that they felt                                      see that light at the

That the only way out,                               end of the tunnel, to

Was to withdraw from their                       have that one true friend.

Friends, family, anyone who actually                  to know that no matter

Cared about their well-being.                      What, “I am not alone.

                                                                    That I am wanted.”

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