For Those Who Don't Know Me

For Those Who Don't Know Me

Please Listen Closely

I am a person of flaws 

And I am lost


I hide my identity behind a wall

I look strong but I can easily fall

My greatest fear is losing to myself

That, to me, would be the greatest loss of all


No one talks to me

It's as if I am a freak

I feel hated and ignored

Should I hang myself by a cord?


Forced to get good grades

Stressing everyday

If you will give me a chance 

Or look back with one glance


You will see I am not that bad

And I would glad

But people don't do that

They just call me fat


A world so beautiful 

It can be so cruel

I get laughed at, teased, and debased

Is it because of my race?


Friendship begins with two strangers

Just come up and talk 

I won't mind

 I won't be shocked


People need others around them 

Or they feel condemned

So help me out

Give me a shout




Need to talk?

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