Those Stars

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 20:12 -- Exiled

I cannot mention...


...or find the heart to say or stay in the dream you made for me.


From black to twilight's stern gaze drifting into the place where I willingly fade to disappear in the only home I've wanted to know more than my own.

...those stars..

Bars left on the galaxy ,not to frighten but just remind me of story I now write the side stories to.

And these chapters seem to be filling up with the blood of ghosts who are calling me co-star or cell mate...I pray this is just some bad luck but luck doesn't exist in the fist of a blooming hate.

Or  windows shattered by the state of a mind of lost soul trembling in the blackened waters of what was once just a beach used to look at the stars.

Those Stars.


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