Those Damn Eyes

Mon, 06/20/2016 - 01:47 -- Ty47

I sit and stare at you
And ponder upon your beauty.
Wondering if you find me beautiful?
Wondering if you realize how handsome you are?
I sit and peer into you.
Wanting to see deep into your soul.
Can't help thinking something about you is different..
Can't help thinking i want to know you.
Not just know who you are
But know the pattern of your breath.
The beats of your heart.
And if it all syncs up with mine?
I sit and look at your profile.
Strong jaw
Hair on your cheek.
The way your long lashes flutter when you blink.
I can't help but insist: "Mine".
Could you be mine?
I think im falling for you one day at a time.
As I sit and watch you
Trapped inside my brain's reasoning,
You must feel me trying to delve into your being.
Slowly, you turn your head towards me.
Slowly, that gorgeous smile creeps across your face.
And just like that
I'm completely helpless.
You don't even need to try.
I'm defenselessly drawn in
By those damn eyes

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