To those being bullied in the worst ways, to this I say, don't give up, I promise, it gets better some day

I walked through the hall ways at school, 

I always hated walking the halls in that miserable school.

Kids can be so mean, as if it it's not already

hard enough to be a teen, some say it's easy,

yeah maybe, if you're voted homecoming queen,

or even crowned by everyone as most likely to succeed.

but not if you're me, or like me. If you are then 

I bet you agree, cause we are always invisible, 

only to be seen by every hateful bully. 

can't go home and cry to mom and dad

how on earth, that would just be mad.

if they are parents who pay attention and care

that still might not help to get us anywhere, I don't know about 

you, but for me, all my parents ever gave me was advice that blew.

If only they knew, that the hurt the bullies caused me, would

make me sicker than if I had the flu.,,

they tore down my self esteem, made me feel ugly, 

how could they be so mean, I never bothered them for anything. 

I tried to keep to myself, I swear, I use to be jealous of the books on the shelf.

No one ever defended me, no one at all, not my mom, not a teacher, 

and no friends at all. I used to wish I could die, couldnt help but 

to consider giving suicide a try. But that would be selfish, right, leaving this

world with out a warning just a letter saying goodbye? Everyone at school either ignored

me or made fun of me, the laughed in my face, made me feel like a disgrace. I remember

how I used to wish, that I could just belong, then I realized, hell no, that would be wrong.

Because I am not mean or hateful, I would never intentionaly make someone cry, much less

drive them to the point of just leaving a note to say goodbye! 

That's ignorant, no way would I ever co-exist with bullies and idiots,

people I detest. School will not last a life time, it will end soon. 

and I can escape from this land of bafoons, looking back now, Oh I wish

I could've seen, that none of them mattered at all, they were just temporary. 

The guys who bullied me have all grown old and fat, and the beauty queens wash 

their clothes in a laundry mat, and to be honest, they mostly pretty fat. 

As for me, you should see, the beautiful strong woman I grew up to be. 

So to all you nobodies, invisible people, dorks, nerds, all you people that get treated like turds,

to you a say this, shut out what the say, you are beautiful and special now, and will be 30 years from today..

All the populars, and bullies and people that are hurting you now, will all be fat, ugly, may even resemble  a cow. you might even pity them,

in a small way,

Because you are strong, beautiful,intelligent and kind, in fact you'll be just devine! 



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