Spike in my stem

I use it quite well

to poke


make swell



To extinguish the sanctity

within the molester

their clumsy, rash finger

destined to fester.

A drop of red glint

upon my dense structure

at needle-point


so perfectly round

bemusingly orbish

but not through and through

for my biting sarcasm

punctures it, too

Everyone gasps

gaping in 


at what great vast horror

they just must have saw

Oh dear

Are you bleeding?

They ask of the creep

No concern

lays leftover

for my delicate leaves.

My precious pastel flowers

which give me my strength

my life

my leash...

They ogle over poor old

fool who came near

and skewered their finger 


like a spear

and with that I shed

not a single tear

for no one does bother

to look o'er here

at the victim


although now detested

The one who speaks none

has no fun

but survives for the purpose of

thriving. No other

So next time they skewer

their delicate prong

Maybe they'll see I was

right all along.

Pick me 

I dare you

You shrewd old prude

Because I'll bite you back

And I'll bite your brood back, too...





awesome, i am so amazed. the vocabulary is exquizite and the meaning behing this is just beautiful, weather you take this peice for the literal strory it tells or the metaphorcal one it represents. an absolutely stunning peice that exemplifies the other side of a story we may not here, or maybe the side we refuse to hear. im so impressed with this, keep it up!

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