to thirteen year old me

To thirteen year old me 

you're gonna change a lot over the next few years 

 your whole world is gonna feel like its upside down 

theres going to be days you cant even get out of bed but you need to keep going

 take things one day at a time  because things are gonna get pretty bad for a while 

  people are going to hurt you theyre gonna make you feel like you dont matter

no matter what they say remember you are good enough 

sometimes youre gonna scream,laugh, and cry all in one day  

theres will be tiimes that you'll forget to love yourself 

mom will be busier soon so youre gonna have to start fending for yourself

youre  trying to be like everyone else  and its killing you inside

some nights will be spent crying your eyes out   

 youre falling apart but you dont it yet 

 people are there for you  just ask for help 

  one day youre gonna see being normal isnt all its cracked up to be

popularity really isnt worth dying for  please eat something soon 

   i know it feels like theres no reason to love yourself

go get some sleep school is important but so is functioning properly 

lots of love 

future you 



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