The Third Bear

With papa and mama and me

it too often gets lonely.

No one lives close, except Old Frank, whos gross

and I just want a friend. Cant you see?


One day we left home

for a while, just to roam

and when we returned, we had quickly learned

that inside our house, we weren't alone.


A girl with gold hair

had been everywhere

she'd eaten our food

and broken my chair

My parents were mad

but I didnt care.


Soon we heard snoring

and my heart went soaring

my years with no friend may finally end

and maybe my life wont be boring.


We followed the sound

in my bed we found

a girl just my age, while my dad filled with rage

and quickly we gathered around.


Now goldilocks awoke

And softly I spoke

I said “goldy, you wanna be friends?’

she looked at me wide-eyed and nodded her head

And at this my dad started to choke.


“Baby bear!” he cried

but mama just sighed

“He does need a friend, so his boredom may end”

and at last all my loneliness died.


We were friends many years

through good times and tears

we were always together, no matter the weather

and to that, all I can say is “cheers.”



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