Thinking of you

You're in the arms of an angel,
Far away from here.
It takes time to let you go,
A memory in each tear.
I'd give anything,
For one last goodbye.
But it's too late,
You're already in the sky.
As the days go on,
Day by day.
I think of you,
But I just can't say.
I hate talking,
About how I feel.
It hurts so bad,
And the pain is real.
It's got me so scared,
To get close to some.
I don't want to lose them,
To you it may sound dumb.
I've been hurt enough,
And I don't like the pain.
If this cycle continues,
I may go insane.
All I want,
Is to have some peace.
Just a little,
For awhile at least.


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