Thinking Past Restrictions


Why are the stairs to great heights gated and locked,

instense speeds limited and alternatives suggested?

Why do they warn us when we get on rollercoasters,

or have us hold our breathes under great depths?


Our hearts can only handle so much alterations

and our souls can only bear so many surprises.

Why have we not evolved to overshoot those confinements?


They know we shall perish at the slightest freak,

our hearts will halt at the smallest scare.

They know that our eyes can't handle all that beauty,

never shall we be kings and queens of those sights and views.


They know those depths are made for only the greatest creations,

that which our metal tons cannot call their own.

They know we wil be forever more powerful,

on contraire simply die.


Is that why they keep us ever so blind,

bound by chains of laws and regulations?

Can we simply not handle it?

If so, who are they to decide,

whether I get crowned or not?




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