Thinking about getting back into

Mon, 10/05/2020 - 15:02 -- Puma99

Thinking about getting back into poetry,as this trailer of 2020 keeps playing with fewer months leftas we keep screaming & bleeding out for justice . As you let a dancing misogynisticCheeto continue playing President  Some said this was going to be a movieit’s just a trailer that’s been on loopwe expected too much of this year 
Having high hopes will only bea harder fall for one to bounce back from So yeah I’m thinking about getting back into poetryalong with school the only beautiful sane thingsthat has not been a complete down fall  Let this year show you  that you come FIRST before anybody else survival of the fittest is what we learnat the same time Surviving is like target practice  Thinking about poetryas poetry thinks of meworking together to make thisOne beautiful scene            ~B L A C K Q U E E N 🤎

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Our world


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