Thinkin Bout You


United States
28° 11' 56.0328" N, 80° 47' 16.5876" W

Can I provide you with a rhyme to
Help you vibe with me on this ride through my mind?
May I coerce you into working with me to get to
A special place where I can get to know you beyond the letters that form you're name
She's a Gemini
Or at least that's what I think
I see you all the time and you never even wink
To say that you acknowledge me
Trying to hard? Probably cuz I want you to be the key that unlocks my
Lust for love and semi-matrimonial monogamy

Your life?
I would like it to be the next never ending novel assigned to me
You know, like the ones we get in English all the time?

Your eyes?
They say that they are the stain glass windows to Self's Steeple
Are you religious? Did the Bible Thumpers bruise thy skin too?

Your mind?
It is your inner sanctum and I can see how other guys have had a hard time getting there
If they wanted to, that is
Because your first line of defense is so tempting
Its enough to make the wrong kind stare you down until you are depicted
As a sex symbol



This was my attempt to talk to a crush of mine.


This is my way of getting her attention. I can't talk to girls without writing a poem about it. Poetry is my language.

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