Think twice

Ma mans, got clapped, just for wearing a snap back that the nikka that was Robbin him Neva could have,

all cause his math wasn't lookin right, he balled his hands wanting to fight,

swinging at air with all his might, feeling like rocky, or maybe like Ike,

when he can't have his coffee every single day, the man is well known to hunt for his way,

cause a bounty calls to persway his or her coustomer,

frustration is the function that our fates will not mention all cause destiney will eventually lay her child to rest, rest in peace,

god bless the stress and think twice before your hands is clutched,

the steel isn't a person it doesn't do much unless you put it to use,

guns don't kill people, idiots kill people,

I'm pissed that they even made this bullshit legal all cause the government want the streets they walk on to be us,

stains of memories to a raise that ment nothing to those that are raicist,

contributing to the bullshit makes us biest, and shit that we seen everyday becomes the norm, such basic,

tie my laces and think twice for the fight that the king of pop michael wanted us to notice, that doctor king and malcom x, tookie Williams and rosa parks all fought for our rights,

to live past 25 and see more days instead of nights,


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